Workforce and Health Care Practices in Health Nursing: Internationalization of knowledge production in primary health care by means of sustainable partnerships


The Project belongs in the theme Health: Disease Control and Actions for Life Quality, which is strategically in keeping with the policies for scientific, technologic, and social development both in the State of Rio de Janeiro and in the country. 


On the international level, Nursing is regarded as an essential professional category to admission to primary health care, which leads to believing its exercise must be strategic in contexts of crisis affecting social and health policies. Nursing acts globally on the basis of historic premises and ethic policies framed by educational principles including social commitment; full range health care and education; health-promoting and prevention actions from an inter and transdisciplinary perspective; in addition to its activism in defense of public policies of equitable nature.


International comparative analyses on the workforce in health and nursing, as well as those analyses on labor organization and on representations and health care practices aiming at different population groups go missing. Given both the speed at implanting restrictive policies on global level and the multidimensional nature of the problem, academic and research institutions in Brazil, Spain, France, Sweden, and Portugal have decided to develop research and scholarly studies which may broaden existing international exchange programs, highlighting the realm of nursing as a relevant knowledge-producing domain in health care.


The strengthening of partnerships as well as the international consolidation of the Graduate Program in Nursing are sought by means of knowledge production and international cooperation concerning the theme of labor organization in health and nursing and their practices in primary health care aimed at different population groups. Comparative studies must be developed in Brazil, France, Sweden, Portugal, and Spain as well as other scholarly activities in collaboration.


The Project is expected to trigger the development of theoretical and methodological frameworks to faculty and students along the themes selected. Work missions abroad and countrywide must be conducted and international partnerships shall be renewed and broadened. Author-shared international publications are also expected, as well as joint doctoral and post-doctoral programs, in order to pursue the continuing development of discussions and scholarly production along the theme regarding primary health care and the nursing role in that context.



PROJECT: Social Representations and Health Care Practices to People with HIV and Religious Manifestations in Primary Health Care


Team and Universities:

UERJ – State University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Prof. Denize Cristina de Oliveira (coordinator)

Prof. Antonio Marcos Tosoli Gomes

Prof. Sergio Correa Marques

Prof. Hellen Pollyana Mantelo Cecilio

Dr. Virginia Paiva Figueiredo Nogueira

PhD student Yndira Ita Machado

PhD student Leandra da Silva Paes

PhD student Luiz Carlos Moraes França


Aix-Marseille Université - France

Prof. Themis Apostolidis

Prof. Lionel Dany

Prof. Christophe Demarque

Prof. Lea Restivo


PROJECT: Nursing in Primary Health Care: aspects of organization and labor process in contexts of crisis


Team and Universities:

UERJ – State University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Prof. Helena Maria Scherlowski Leal David (coordinator)

PhD student Amanda de Lucas Xavier Martins


Universidad de Alicante - Spain

Prof. José Ramón Martínez Riera

Prof. Maria Dolores Saavedra Llobregat


PROJECT: Violence in Close Affective Relations among Teenagers in School


Team and Universities:

UERJ – State University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Prof. Lucia Helena Garcia Penna (coordinator)

Prof. Thelma Spindola

Prof. Adriana Lenho

Prof. Joana Iabrudi Carinhana


Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra – Portugal

Prof. Armando Manuel Marques Santos

Prof. Maria Neto Leitão


PROJECT:  Female Social Interaction Relations from a Gender Perspective and Female Workers’ Health in Primary Health Care


Team and Universities:

UERJ – State University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Prof. Octavio Muniz da Costa Vargens (coordinator)


Linköping University – Sweden

Prof. Carina Bertero

Prof. Siw Alhagen